Fire Protection & Fire Prevention

Thanks to their high level of flexibility, our products can be easily adapted to customer-specific requirements. Thus they are suitable in the field of fire protection and fire prevention.


  • Fire protection/Fire prevention
  • Monitoring of large forestry areas or uninhabited regions in order to prevent fires
  • Detection of smouldering fires on dumps and storage areas


Whether landfill or industrial waste disposal sites, composting plants, forests and forestry areas or storage areas with valuable industrial goods, bulk material or recycled material: fire protection and fire control measures are essential in all these areas.

When biological waste or highly combustible goods are stored, they can cause fatal fires which are hard to extinguish and pose great danger to people, environment and infrastructure. In case of a fire the entrepreneurs have to face high expenses caused by extinction, inspections and repairs – in addition to the damaged image.
In the months from March to October, the ignition hazard in the forests and forestry areas of Europe is particularly high. Conflagrations can spread rapidly and cause massive ecological and economical damage.
In the event of smoke development and the appearance of fire sources, a 24/7 high-resolution video surveillance can sound an early alarm and thus be of decisive importance.

The monitoring system FOVEA from Syperion Vision enables cost-effective monitoring with only one camera for areas of up to several kilometers in diameter. The infrared sensor detects heat and smoke before it develops into an uncontrollable fire. The responsible operators/authorities are warned automatically and can react at an early stage.

Depending on your request, the dimensions and weight of the system, camera type, lens and evaluation are adapted according to special customer requirements.





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