Syperion VISION GMBH & CO. KG is your ideal partner for high-performance and high-quality hardware and software products in the field of video metrology and industrial image processing.



Our developments are suitable in areas of safety engineering, measurement technology and process automation.

We offer you solutions for a wide range of manifold applications:

  • Fire prevention for large territories like forestry areas, dumps or conveying systems
  • Monitoring and access control for coastal areas, security sensitive areas, danger areas, airports, seaports or industrial sites
  • Monitoring and analysis of road traffic or air traffic flow
  • Environmental monitoring of nature reserves
  • Environmental monitoring on offshore facilities for research and measurement purposes
  • Capturing and analysis of object motions for quality and process assurance in industries


We develop and realise special-purpose solutions based on your specific requirements and can eventually provide you with a complete turnkey system. We develop our own products, but depending on requirements, we also use components from renowned manufacturers available on the market and adapt them individually. We then integrate the resulting system into the production or business processes of your company. With our knowledge and experience we can support you in the realisation of your projects.



The team around Syperion VISION has specialised in the development of individual complete solutions, tailored to your specific requirements. Together with you we create a concept and then realise your project from the idea and development to the final implementation – responsibly and on schedule.

We offer you

  • Studies and consulting
  • Project management
  • Software and system development
  • Individual, practical solutions


Our advanced technologies include high-resolution monitoring of long distances with a single camera, focused 360° panorama images with unique real time tracking, and 24-hour security with passive infrared systems.

  • High-resolution monitoring of large areas/distances with only one camera
  • Focused 360° panorama images with unique tracking mode in real time
  • 24 hours monitoring with passive infrared system without lighting
  • Early detection of dangers like fire
  • Capturing of object motions in real time
  • Software components for analysis, quality and process assurance

Our range of services:
video metrology and industrial image processing from the idea to the development and application.


We work according to the following quality standards:

Industrial Safety

Internal occupational safety management system according to NLF/ILO-OSH 2001


Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft
(Donor’s Association for German Science)


The monitoring system FOVEA is a completely new optical technology and has been developed especially for 360° video surveillance of large areas. The camera system can cover areas of several kilometers in diameter with only one camera.

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Whether industry, nature conservation, traffic, maritime economy, fire protection or science and research – our security solutions and technologies are applicable wherever individual and demanding systems are required.

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Syperion VISION has specialised in the development of individual complete solutions, tailored to your particular requirements. With FOVEA, we can present you with a robust all-round system that we develop and implement according to your individual conditions.

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Please contact us and we will help you to develop an optimal solution for your application.

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